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Message from Lee Hee-ho
Honorary president

Lee Hee-Ho



Welcome to
Friends of Love

The fact was that the number of the unemployed and starving children in our society increased under the financial aid of IMF. We, ‘Friends of Love’ founded by a corporation, started our path in August 1998 without disregarding their poor conditions under which they couldn't have even three meals a day. It's twenty years since Friends of Love got together at the times of desperate needs for practical help of sharing love, and strived to alleviate difficulties that our neighbors were facing with our collective mind and capability. I have memories in my mind of all the faces I've met at the sites where we offer our little love in a practical way, especially a child who lived by himself after his grandmother's death, a mother who sat next to her child suffering from a strange illness, and an elderly bony woman who anguished over the loss of her family upon whom she could depend. I don't forget the wonderful faces telling me that they would willingly offer their help, either. They are the Korean mothers I met in the United States who wanted to plant some hope in the hearts of children living in their motherland and the volunteers who rushed out to poverty-stricken areas with bundles of sliced rice-cake and beef in a freezing cold, revealing blindingly bright smiles. All these wonderful faces I'd never forget. For caring helpers, cared ones, and Friends of Love that is the bridge between both the sides, all the past experience of sharing activities are meaningful and valuable.

Friends of Love, who wishes to be a bridge where our gathered and shared love can rest, lets you know now we have our site renewed to share love with much more people in the future. We have many new members who have joined our Friends of Love and are engaged in diversified activities. Still, there are too many people who wait wishing to catch our caring hands for help. It is anticipated that our renewed cyberspace can appeal to more new friends of love for our still more diversified activities. We, staff and members, assure ourselves that the homepage of Friends of Love can be a vigilant searching eye and an ear for isolated people in this country, furthermore a base camp of true love. I hope our valuable site in cyberspace can help make you think of 'what to share with our neighbors' and then look around you once more.

I'd like to show gratitude to all the people who've shared their love devotedly and encouraged our activities, and I'd appreciate if they give us continuous support in the future. We will be a bridge of true love collecting your precious love and handing it out to those in desperate need. Thank you very much.

August 2018,
Lee Hee-ho, Honorary president